After 4 years of extensive research and development by our team of engineers and designers, UNITED GEARS developed diverse range of Hydraulic Gear Pumps that have varying effects on the overall efficiency of the hydraulics system. We cater to nationwide customers with distinctive needs in industrial and automobile sector.

At United Gears, we strongly believe in innovation that is driven by the need to offer our customers the products that combine latest technology, creativity & most importantly Applicability. Our strength lies in anticipating customer’s requirements and in offering them the versatility of combining pumps of varying capacity with multiple drive shafts, inlet/outlet ports & mounting flange etc.

United Gears offer fully customizable solutions depending on our customer’s hydraulic function prerequisites. The pumps can be altered in various aspects ranging from power, noise reduction, smoothness etc.

Today our Hydraulic Pumps are used widely across many sectors such as automotive, machine tool, earthmoving, agriculture etc.

Key features of Hydraulic Pumps

· Size Range from 4 to 20 cm3/rev

· Heavy duty applications

· Multiple selection of drive shaft from splines to taper shaft

· Pumps manufactured in both flange or threaded inlet/outlet ports

· Continuous operation at 220 bar

· Reduced noise levels and vibration

· High volumetric efficiency under all operating conditions.