The life of an engine depends on the purity of the oil that circulates in the bearings and transmission. A Lubricating oil filter removes any impurity present in the oil.

Our filters provide extra-fine filtration to maximize the life of the engines and reduce operating costs. The large dirt holding capacity ensures less frequent changes in cartridges. Lubrication oil filters are designed to provide the extra-fine filtration and dirt holding capacity required to increase the operating life and reduce operating costs of engines.

United Gears specialize in manufacturing of both spin on and cartridge type filter assemblies. The filter adaptors are machined on dedicated line of SPMs, CNC turning and machining centers, with in close tolerances to avoid leakages from surface after installation and to allow easy replacement of filter element. All filter assemblies are checked under air pressure of 8 bar on particularly designed leakage testing machines.

Key Features:
• Extra-Fine Filtration system
• Extra Dirt Holding Capacity
• Reduced oil Sludge
• Lower operating costs
• Extended Oil Change Intervals

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