Diesel absorbs more water than gasoline and the fuel filters installed are not designed to remove water from the fuel. The water in the fuel is a major cause of injection pump failure. Water Separator Assembly removes water from diesel before it reaches the injection system thus, eliminating all failure caused by water in the fuel.

Key features of our Water Separator Assembly:

1) Transparent Poly Propylene bowl with UV stabilizers to prevent de-colorization of bowl.

2) Bowl Strengthening with Extra ribs.

3) Powder coated Bracket to prevent rusting.

4) New Design Drain plug.

5) New design with Spring washer to prevent loosening of bowl.

6) Weather Proof In-mould sticker.

7) Water separator assembly is an immobile part and does not need to be replaced in the engine’s lifetime.

8) No filter cartridges that need to be replaced